Association of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India
Association Of Nuclear
Medicine Physicians Of India
ANMPI - Maj Gen Dr. Lakshmipathi Award
ANMPI - Maj Gen Dr. Lakshmipathi Award

This prestigious award (plaque & cash prize), will be presented to the best original research paper presented at the Annual ANMPI conference. This award is reminiscent of the legendary Major General Dr. N Lakshmipathi and his stellar ontributions to the growth of Nuclear medicine in India.

Major General Dr. N Lakshmipathi was an Honorary Member of Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India. He was born in Madras Presidency in pre-independent India in the year 1929. He got his medical graduation from Madras University in 1955; immediately joined Armed Forces Medical services in 1956. He devotedly served the Indian Army at various ranks up till his superannuation as Major General in 1986. To his distinction, he held thriple diplomas: Diploma in Nuclear Medicine (DRM - 1963), Diploma in Raddiotherapy (DMRT - 1967) and Diploma in Radiodiagnosis (DMRD - 1968). He was first-batch DRM student of INMAS and the favourite pupil of legendary teacher, Brig Mazumdar, "the father of Nuclear Medicine in India". He joined INMAS as a Major in 1966 and retired as Major general. He was also honoured with triple Fellowships: Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences (FAMS - 1985), Fellow of Indian College of (FICR - 1986) and Fellow of Indian College of Nuclear Medicine (FICNM - 1997).    

After serving at INMAS for 14 long years, Col. Dr. N Lakshmipathi eventually took over as Director of INMAS on 22nd May 1980. During his period INMAS witnesed a massive expansion.  His achievements were in the following fields: (i) expansion of the Thyroid Clinic to a Thyroid Research Center, (ii) establishment of an integrated non-invasive Organ Imaging Center, (iii) expansion of research programmes in radiation biology with special emphasis on radioprotectors, and (iv) establishment of TLD-based Personnel Monitoring Center for radiation workers in the Defence Forces. He also gave his support for establishing a Regional Radiopharmaceutical Dispensing Centre of BARC at INMAS, to cater to the needs of hospitals in and around Delhi. In the course of 6 years, Col. Lakshmipathi succeeded in setting up almost all the available imaging modalities under one roof. Very few centers around the world could boast of such a full-spectrum of imaging modalities back then.

He was founder member of Society of Nuclear Medicine (India) at its inception in 1986; served as secretary from 1973 to 1975 and became president in 1976. He was actively involved with the creation of Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine and the Indian College of Nuclear Medicine. Was the Founder Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine (1985-89) and the Dean of Indian College of Nuclear Medicine (1997-2000).

He has also produced two eminent Nuclear Medicine physicians in his family; Dr. Ravi and Dr. Uma , who on their own rights have earned recognition in the field.  

[Portions of this passage have been borrowed from an article by Prof. C S Bal. AIIMS, New Delhi]