Association Of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Of India
Annual Conference Guidelines
Annual Conference Guidelines
From the Constitution of ANMPI
Norms & guidelines for the Annual conference:
  • The conference of the Association shall be held every year.
  • The main conference activity shall not exceed two days, preferably during the week end or other holidays.
  • Workshops, training courses, special committee meetings may be organized to precede or follow the main conference.
  • With the approval of the Executive committee, the conference may be organized jointly with other clinical societies so as to have a common scientific programme.
  • The General Body shall decide the dates and venue for the conferences well in advance so as to have a firm calendar of schedule for the following two years.
  • Eligibility for conference organizer:
    Only Regular members who have served in the Executive Committee, who are serving in the Executive Committee, or those Regular Members who have attended the preceding 2 annual conferences can host the Annual Conference. Proposals to host the conference should be received by the Executive Committee for verification of eligibility and presentation to the General Body. On approval by the General Body, the organizing secretary shall submit a written undertaking to host the Conference in accordance with the norms & guidelines from the Association alongwith a non-refundable committment fee of Rs 5000 /=.
  • There will be no financial liability on the part of the Association towards the conference. The organizing secretary shall also be authorized to open and operate a separate bank account in the name of the conference. Funds shall be raised to organize the conference by registration fees, sponsorships, rentals on trade stalls, donations and advertisements in souvenir etc. 10% of the gross collection in the name of the conference should be remitted to the Association within 6 months of the completion of the conference. The organizer shall submit an audited statement of the conference account before the next Annual meeting and shall surrender surplus funds if any while closing the account.
  • The Scientific Program of the conference shall be decided by the Scientific Program Committee constituted by the Executive Committee. Guidelines to conduct the Inaugural function, Oration, Award Paper session, Scan session, Valedictory function etc shall be issued by the Executive Committee.
  • Free papers shall be considered for presentation in the conference only when atleast one of the authors is a bonafide member of any category in the Association and only when the presenting author has pre-registered for the conference.
  • There shall be a registration fee for the conference delegates as decided by the organizing committee. Non-members can also attend the conference by paying appropriate registration fees. Permitting such non-members to attend the conference is at the discretion of the scientific programme committee.
  • The three main office bearers namely President, Secretary General and Treasurer shall be granted free registration. No office bearer is entitled for travel benefits either from the Association or from the conference organisers.
  • Hon Members shall be granted free registration whereas Senior and Student members shall be granted 50 % discount on the delegate fees.
  • Guest faculty like Speakers for Invited Lectures / Orations / Key note address, Chairpersons & panelists need not be necessarily members of the Association as long as the scientific programme is approved by the Scientific committee.
  • Every scientific presentation (both free papers and invited talks) made in the conference of the association becomes the property of the association which has the right to publish it in the official publications of the association related to the conference (both in print form and digital form).