Association Of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Of India
ABOUT Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India

The Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India (ANMPI) formally came into existence in 2003. It was conceived with the primary purpose of to promote the field of Nuclear Medicine in the country. It further provides a common forum for the practitioners of Nuclear Medicine to voice their grievances and with the guidance of senior members, device solutions of the same. ANMPI aids in conducting regular seminars, CMEs and academic sessions for students throughout the year. Since its conception, the association has grown from strength to strength and witnessed the progress of this new and rapidly expanding branch of medicine.

Aims and Objectives
  • To promote ethical practice of clinical Nuclear Medicine of high standards in the country and to promote the availability of patient and clinician friendly services in the various part of the country
  • To foster co-operation among Nuclear physicians of India actively involved in the patient care service of clinical Nuclear Medicine.
  • To establish liaison with other national societies concerned with practice of medicine – clinical, radiological, other imaging modalities, laboratory sciences etc for better exchange of medical knowledge.
  • To encourage collaboration of clinical Nuclear Medicine practitioners with border Nuclear medicine related bodies like Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) for smoother development of the services.
  • To work out appropriate accredited training programmes for junior Nuclear physicians and technicians in collaboration with suitable organizations like national board of examinations (NBE), Indian college of Nuclear medicine(ICNM) etc.
  • To facilitate exchange programmes for experts, trainees and fellows.
  • To enhance scientific activity by means of conferences, seminars and educational programmes.
  • To interact with and represent to government regulatory agencies like Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) on matters concerned with the practice of clinical Nuclear Medicine.
  • To develop and implement patient and public education programmes on the field of Nuclear Medicine.
  • To co-ordinate multicentric trials and research programmes to validate new technology and produce consensus statements and guidelines on specific issues related to the practice of Nuclear Medicine.
Annual Conferences
  • Annual conference ANMPI Sept 2003 – Org secy Dr K M Laxmipathy, venue Chennai
  • Annual conference ANMPI Sept 2004 – Org secy Dr A K Das, venue Darjeeling
  • Annual conference ANMPI Oct 2005 – Org secy Dr Mushtaq Ahamed, venue Srinagar
  • Annual conference ANMPI 13th – 15th Oct 2006 – Org secy Dr R V Parameshwaran, venue Goa
  • Annual conference ANMPI 28th – 30th Sept 2007 – Org secy Dr Manas Mayank, venue Udaipur
  • Annual conference ANMPI 2008 – New Delhi in association with AOFNMB conference
  • Annual conference ANMPI 2009 – Org secy Dr Kumar Kallur, venue Bangalore
  • Annual conference ANMPI 28th – 30th Sept 2010 – Org secy Dr Ajit Joy, venue Kovalam, Kerala
  • Annual conference ANMPI Sept 30th – Oct 2nd 2011 – Org secy Dr Zakir Ali, venue Hyderabad
  • Annual conference ANMPI 29th Sept – 1st Oct 2012 – Org secy Dr Ishita B Sen, venue New Delhi
  • Annual conference ANMPI 23- 24 th Nov 2013 – Jointly with Indian Cancer congress, Org secy Dr Pankaj Dougall, New Delhi
  • Annual conference ANMPI 2014 Sept 24 – 28 th – Jointly with Asia Oceania Thyroid Association, Org secy Dr P Shanmuga Sundaram, venue Cochin
  • Annual conference ANMPI Oct 2- 4 th 2015 – Org secy Dr Rijju Gopinath, venue Kumarakom
  • Annual conference ANMPI 2016, 16th-18th Oct. Org secy Dr. Chaitanya Borde, venue Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
  • Annual conference ANMPI 2017, 10th & 11th Nov - Jointly with 2nd Indian Cancer Congress. Org secy Dr. Parameshwaran RV, venue Bengaluru, Karnataka.