Association Of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Of India
CME Partnering Policy
CME Partnering Policy
Norms and Guidelines for CME or similar activity under the banner of ANMPI
Any member who wants to initiate any promotional activity will be welcomed and encouraged to follow the below given norms and guidelines:
  • Any program which is targeted to clinicians can be under the banner of ANMPI jointly with any organization to which the member is affiliated and with any other cosponsor like a vendor who is doing business with the organization.
  • For any program which is not targeted to clinicians, if the target audience is NM Physicians, any such program should be encouraged to be attached to our regular conference activity. If not so, we need to ensure that such program should not affect the participation of members in our own conference.
  • ANMPI will facilitate identifying faculty for the program among the senior members. any honorarium allocated towards this members will be utilized tosponsor these members’ participation in the ANMPI conference.
  • Out of any fund raised to ANMPI account for this purpose, not more than 90% will be spent to settle the bills on the event.
  • All announcements, invitations, program cards, banners and proceedings should display ANMPI's Logo without fail. a copy of these documents should be sent to the treasurer alongwith a statement of account for audit purpose.
  • A report on the highlights of the program and atleast one photograph should be submitted within 7 days of the completion of the program. This will be posted on our website for a period of 3 months.
  • Any decision to approve the conduct of the program is to be taken by the President using the information provided by the organizing member and later to be informed to the EC.