Association Of Nuclear
Medicine Physicians Of India
ANMPI Thyroid preceptorship
ANMPI Thyroid preceptorship

Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India (ANMPI) and Sanofi - Genzyme Collaboration for Periodic Preceptorship on Thyroid Cancer Management

Background and Introduction

Thyroid tumors are the most common endocrine neoplasms. 5-10% of all thyroid nodules coming to medical attention are carcinomas. The diagnosis can be established by a thorough medical history, clinical    examination, imaging and FNAC    of the nodule. In areas of iodine sufficiency, papillary carcinomas are the predominant variety. Different studies from India show a predominance of papillary malignancy followed by follicular malignancies.

Through the medium of Guided clinical learning experiences to health care practitioner (HCP) education; aim is to prepare thyroid cancer treating community to offer optimal health outcomes.

The preceptorship has proved to be a highly useful strategy for clinical education, knowledge sharing and skill, refine practice efficiency and effectiveness, and become increasingly independent in managing patient care. It allows education to be individualized, links classroom knowledge to real patient management problems, and provides for role modeling as the participants develops standards and strategies for practice and thereby improve the thyroid cancer patient outcomes.

Goals of Partnership:

ANMPI- Sanofi Genzyme Collaborative Program aims at advocating/ sharing the best clinical practices in management of thyroid cancer in nuclear medicine community in India thru the Preceptorship route

For Sanofi Genzyme, One of the current priorities in support of this mission is to promote the quality of practice environments to help HCP achieve excellence in their professional practice towards management of Thyroid Cancer in India

Duration of Preceptorship and scientific aspect:

•    2 Preceptorship in a Calendar Year

•    6-days duration (Monday – Saturday): 6-8 HCP/ Program

•    It would be a basic plus observational course to help enhance knowledge, skills of the HCP with relevant clinical experience in management of thyroid cancer.

•    Course Content: Nuclear Medicine Aspects (on Radioiodine ablation and therapy sessions) in management of Thyroid cancer besides cytology and Surgery session

Target Audience:

•    Nuclear Medicine: DNB/MD Students and Consultants

•    Clinical Experience: 01-8yrs

•    6-8 HCP/ Program

Roles and Responsibility:

Sanofi - Genzyme, India

•    Exchange of academic materials and other scientific material support.

•    Academic grant for assistance in organizing the Preceptorship

Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India

•    Administrative and facilitator support to conduct the preceptorship e.g., ANMPI invitation to Physicians in Nuclear medicine specialty as well as the speakers to be the part of the program

•    Development and endorsement of academic materials/ content and other scientific material support

•    Course Content: Nuclear Medicine Aspects in management of Thyroid cancer and post-operative management)


•    Sanofi Genzyme will provide academic support for organizing 2 preceptorship on management of Thyroid cancer.

Duration of the Collaboration

•    2016-2018

Selection Criteria

•    MD/DNB in Nuclear medicine: Preference will be given to Final year students.

•    Obtain written permission from HOD to participate and approval for leaves

Travel Assistance for Participants;

•    Air travel: Economy Class (Reimbursement)

•    Train: For journey upto 5 hours/ overnight/ ≤500Kms (Reimbursement)

•    Hotel Accommodation: Rs 2000/ per person/ per night  on Twin sharing basis