Association Of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Of India
president's Message
Dr. Venkatesh rangarajan
As the current President of ANMPI and on behalf of the executive committee, I promise that we will do all that is possible for the betterment of the Association- ANMPI. We plan to take stock of the current situation and issues and compare it with the time and situations that lead to the creation of ANMPI. This will involve the collection of feedback information. I am sending a google form. as a part of this, one for the Residents and one for the Practitioner.

We will then be able to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses. then we will make the “to-do list”. I request each one of you to be involved in the ANMPI activities by visiting the website, providing feedback, filling the google form. These forms will collect general information only. Those who wish to communicate individually may do so directly to me on my email or on WhatsApp. Please be free to provide suggestions, advise and give timely inputs to me or any member of the executive committee. With everyone’s positive contributions, I am sure we can achieve everything we set out to achieve.

With regards

Dr. Venkatesh Rangarajan
President ANMPI