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NMTT Program
NMTT Program


The present status & growing need for NM Technician in our country -

In our country there are a few “NM Technologist” training courses which are recognized by govt to meet certain regulatory requirements of radiation safety (Radiation safety officer, RSO certification). Several countries have a 3-years “Radiation Technician” degree course and the syllabus includes Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine. Those who complete these courses are called as “Radiation Technicians” and they have the option to work in any area of their choice. In India specialized NM based technologist training courses are mandatory with AERB accreditation. NM radiation worker in India needs to be a RSO certified personnel and should get eLORA registration number from AERB.  

There are also instances where science graduates/ ‘radiographers’ or ‘radiotherapy technicians’ with no formal NM training, work under one trained NM Technologist and assist in carrying out the day to day NM procedures.  ANMPI provides a scope for proper training and career progress to these people who do not possess any formal NM technician certification. The need for a regulated creation of this category of junior work force has been debated by ANMPI and is the main purpose for conducting this NMTT course.

What is the role of ANMPI in this area?

ANMPI has introduced  a “National Coordinated In-field Training Program for NM Technicians” and the design & syllabus of the program is prepared in consultation with AERB.  The training is conducted at ANMPI accredited training sites with experienced faculty. The training center calls for applications and selects among its employees or recruits the proposed trainee/s with the following eligibility criteria (as approved by AERB):

a.    Science graduates with Physics as one of the subjects (BPC/MPC or equivalent)  or

b.    Those who have passed Ten Plus Two (10 + 2) with Science Subjects and having additional qualification in allied para-medical and para-clinical subjects such as Radiography, Imaging Technology, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Lab Technology etc.

 The training includes:

 - 2 years of hands-on field experience and

- 60 hours of didactic class room lectures and 10 hours of demonstrations /   

   practicals spread out in 3 contact seminars within the 2 years of training.

 Design of the Program and Financial Liability

 The candidates nominated by the centres will be assessed and accepted into the program if found satisfactory. Those registered into the training program are expected to be full time workers in the centres for a period of 2 years and treated accordingly with appropriate payment like salary / stipend as per the rules of the organization.  

 There will be no fee payable to ANMPI by the participating centre for this program so long as no fee is collected from the trainee worker. A suitable fee may be charged by ANMPI to those centers who collect a fee from the trainee workers.  

There will be no financial assistance for travel / accommodation for the trainees to attend the programs.

 How to apply for Accreditation as a Technician Training Site?

Fill up the application form providing all the information sought about your centre and email / post it to the hospital conducting this programme (Artemis hospital, New Delhi) so as to reach as on or before  30th November each year. An ANMPI committee for Accreditation will scrutinize the applications and decide whether the applicant clinical site will be able to fulfill our objective of the training or not. Selected candidates will be informed by email. Date and time of the programme will also be intimated to the candidate / supervising NM physician.